Don’t Pay – How To Get Free Credit Report, For Life

The Ultimate Guide To Your Credit Report

I know a few people who pay just under £15 a month to get their credit report.  I’m not going to lie, that’s a massive waste of money.  Anyone can get their credit report totally free, and it will be of equal quality to those who pay monthly.  In fact in most cases … Continue Reading

Zeek Review: Buy Discounted Gift Cards – £15 iTunes for £8.50

Zeek Review – The eBay of Gift Cards

I have written this Zeek review with £50 credit given to me by the people over at Zeek to really test their service out.  I managed to find a trick to get an iTunes gift card for over 50% off, keep reading to find out how.

In the UK each year Continue Reading

First-Time Investor: How Do I Get Started Investing?

You’ve most certainly heard of investing before, whether on the news or you know people around you who invest.  But how can you get started as a newbie?  Unless a family member or friend has shown you the ropes it can be overwhelming to know where to start.  The vast range of options and confusing terminology surrounding investing can … Continue Reading

Unsubscribe Week, Saving Money With Each Click

Hit Unsubscribe to Save Money

I can’t be the only one. Everyday I receive a stream of newsletters and general marketing emails from numerous companies (I’m not talking about SPAM).  At some point in my life I must have shared my email address with them, but they’re unrelenting and accumulating.

I counted, 32 different companies/brands in 4 days, some emailed Continue Reading

7 Signs You Should Have A Budget

Budgets are restrictive and annoying, you don’t need one, right?  Wrong, and if you still don’t believe me here are some signs you should really start budgeting.

1.  You know exactly when you’re paid, but no idea where it all goes.

Sit down, chill and have a brew.

The Fix: Write down every income and expenditure you have in … Continue Reading